Corporate Headquarters, 60-113th Street, Troy, NY 12182
Telephone: 518-235-1610 | Fax: 518-235-0469
Uncle Sam Piping Solutions has been actively servicing the northeast industry since 1974. In the past 34 years we have evolved, restructured and expanded the company to become more efficient and effective to service our customer needs. Our offices and warehouse are located in North Troy, New York. We maintain a fleet of trucks and a variety of products in our inventory. We offer 24 hour emergency response staff to make sure the customer receives the right products, at the right place, at the right time.

Uncle Sam Piping Solution's staff has collective years of training and expertise. Each employee is trained to respond quickly to customer service requirements or any other concerns or needs. We will recommend and select the best products for each application. Each employee is trained in customer service satisfaction. We believe service should be more than just a "word".
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